As the name suggests, psychedelic/progressive outfit Karmic Juggernaut is an overwhelming force of sound. Formed initially as a quartet in 2004, the Asbury Park-based group has amassed a reputation for their eclectic style, musicianship, unique stage performances, inventive songwriting, and innovative solar-powered recordings using the Sun Lab Studio.

Karmic Juggernaut has been performing since 2005 with guitarists James McCaffrey and Randy Preston, and drummer Kevin Grossman. Bassist Cody McCorry joined in 2012, and vocalist Daimon Santa Maria and keyboardist Jake Hughes in 2017. They have released one full-length album and three previous EP’s, and have shared the stage with many major acts in the music community including Umphrey’s McGree, Bernie Worrell, moe., Keller Williams, Marco Benevento, and many others. Members of the group have been involved with many other acts such as Thank You Scientist, We Used To Cut The Grass, Ike Willis (of Frank Zappa), Remember Jones, Homeless Apians, Bumblefoot, Hive Mind, Bone & Marrow, Elevator Art, and many additional projects.

The band released their first full-length album, The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of, in 2018. Recorded and mixed at The Hangar at the New Jersey Shore, the new album is a departure from the band’s earlier recordings, featuring new frontman Daimon Santa Maria, keyboardist Jake Hughes, a robust horn section (Joe Gullace & Ian Gray), mallet work by percussionist AJ Merlino, theremin by bassist Cody McCorry, and an array of other instruments. The result is an vintage-inspired album with a postmodern view of psychedelia. This new record draws from an eclectic variety of genres and musical tastes, and touches on topics such as today’s political climate, B-movies, mental illness, and features satirical approaches of contemporary living.

Karmic Juggernaut’s sophomore LP, entitled Phantasmagloria, will be released in Spring 2023. Like the previous album, it was recorded at their studio in NJ. Phantasmagloria will be available on vinyl, CD, and streaming within the coming months.

In addition to their work with KJ, the members of the group are involved in a plethora of projects including Cody McCorry’s own We Used To Cut The Grass (occasionally featuring Ike Willis of Frank Zappa’s band), Homeless Apians, Thank You Scientist, Remember Jones, Matt Wade Band, Emily Grove, Deathrig, String Bean & The Stalkers, Brother Andrew, Bone and Marrow, Hive Mind, and many more.


Randy Preston – guitar, vocals

James McCaffrey – guitar, vocals

Kevin Grossman – drums, percussion

Cody McCorry – bass, theremin, saw

Daimon Santa Maria – vocals, flute

Jake Hughes – keyboards

Extended KJ:

Ian Gray – trombone

Joe Gullace – trumpet

Joonas Lemetyinen – trombone

AJ Merlino – percussion, vibes

Download the Karmic Juggernaut Press Kit Here

Damn!  Just got turned onto this amazing psychedelic progressive jazzy band and am BLOWN AWAY! Im definitely now a fan and this is also definitely in my Top 10 Of 2018. Shades of King Crimson, Zappa, Mr Bungle, Bigelf, The Mars Volta, Yes…..BRAVO” (Mike Portnoy – Drummer of Dream Theater, Winery Dogs, Adrenaline Mob, Sons of Apollo)

“There is so much going on in there. It is a really, really interesting album to check out…Pushing the boundaries which is what prog is all about. You definitely, definitely need to check this album out. It’s outstanding.” (The Progmeister – Midlands Metalheads Radio)

Fusing funk, psychedelia, metal, prog-rock, and jam into an exquisitely eclectic elixir, K-Juggs dares to explore what happens when a band combines hard-rock sensibilities with a willingness to let go and explore the unknown.” (Matt Ascone – Speak Into My Good Eye)