“Krokodil” Live at Electric Halloween 2018

Enjoy this six-camera shoot of “Krokodil” live at the Electric Halloween Festival last month. Very special thanks to Jefferson Ogata, Karl McWherter, and Kalton McWherter for shooting it, and Jefferson for his heroically-dedicated editing!

Disclaimer: Don’t look directly into the metal Taurus skull’s eyes. Randy and Daimon did during Cody’s bass solo, and you’ll see how that turned out…

CREDITS: Video edited by Jefferson Ogata | Audio mixed by James McCaffrey | Sound engineered by Badger Manser | Lighting by DFX Sound Vision | Cameras operated by Jefferson Ogata, Karl McWherter, Kalton McWherter

Recorded at Electric Halloween Festival in Millville, New Jersey, 2018-10-20

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